Everlasting Hardwoods

Everlasting Hardwoods’ premium selections of lumber products will make any outdoor space of yours an instant hit. Whether you are building a deck to entertain guests at home or fashioning an outdoor decking to hold more customers for your restaurant, you can be assured that Everlasting Hardwoods has the perfect product for you. This company is the best source of premium hardwood decking materials like Tigerwood and Garapa. Its specialty, however, is in providing you with superior quality decking material using the hardwood Ipe.

Ipe is the world’s number one choice for decking installations. And, Everlasting Hardwoods has the largest inventory of this in the USA. You can purchase this material in a variety of sizes. Whether you need Ipe top surface, railing systems or structural components, you can be certain Everlasting Hardwoods can supply all these for you. Each piece you requested will be cut to size, sanded to reveal finest grains and shipped to you in careful packaging by this company.

Various Ipe projects can also be handled by Everlasting Hardwoods. You can trust it to provide you with first-class Ipe-built bridges, pergolas, fences, screens, boat docks, wharfs and boards. You can even furnish your deck areas with exceptionally-crafted Ipe outdoor dining sets, relaxing chairs, benches, coffee tables, side tables and chairs that are produced by Everlasting Hardwoods.

With over 42 years in business, Everlasting Hardwoods is definitely the authority when it comes to providing high performance lumber products. The beauty about this company is that it only obtains its lumber from reputable sources which stick to sustainable forest management standards set by the International Tropic Timber Organization. Apart from ensuring that the choices of lumber you ordered don’t have any negative impact to the environment, you can also enjoy topnotch quality customer service from Everlasting Hardwoods.

City                        : Mobile

State                     : Alabama

Address               : 24 Tacon St., Suite A, Mobile, Alabama 36607

Hours                    : Mon-Fri 7 am – 4 pm, Sat-Sun closed

Phone                   : (800) 999-7616

Email                     :,,

Website               :

Twitter                 :

Facebook            :

Video                    :

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