Things to do in Austin, TX

There many things to do in Austin, TX. You will never be bored as the city’s diversity will really cater to your different tastes.

If you are an outdoor person, Austin will really be a great place to be. There are many outdoor activities for you in Austin. You can go swimming in Barton Springs Pool. It’s a natural-fed pool that’s a cool dip and is best during hot days. The setting is also wonderful with rocks and grassy hillsides.

You can also go hiking with your kids. There are parks that cater for your little travel buddies. The Cypress Valley Canopy Tours makes the outdoors interesting for kids. There are zip lines, Tarzan swings and sky bridges to entertain your kids. The Zilker Metropolitan Park is also a good place to hike while letting your kids have a good time. There’s a miniature train that lets your kids go around the park. There are also bike and hike trails in the park that you will surely enjoy.

Mount Bonnet is also a famous hiking destination as it is the one of the highest mountains in Austin. From the top, you can have a great view of Lake Austin and the amazing city skyline. There’s also a legend that says that when a couple climbs the mountain for the first time, they fall in love. The second time they do it, they get engaged. For the third time, they are destined to get married.

Tours are also available if you want to go around Austin. You can go to brewery and wine tours that can take you to Austin local microbreweries and nearby wineries. You can tour and get a free taste of the beverages. You can also do a tour of the city on your own. The Segway Tour is one of the known tours in Austin. You will learn how to ride a segway and tour downtown with it. It certainly is fun and interesting.

There are still a lot of other things to do when in Austin, TX. There won’t be a dull moment during your stay. However, make sure that you call ahead to make reservations and to plan your stay right.

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